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The fruit of Ancient Athens’ sacred tree

The Olive tree was the gift of goddess Athena to Athens -the city named after her. Its product -olive oil- has ever since been present in the Greek Diet. Across the centuries it has been used in medicine and cosmetics, with gear results.

Try it in various combinations, raw (as in a Choriatiki Salad) or cooked in almost every Greek dish.

It is the basic oily substance used in cooking, and a healthier substitute for butter.

You will find top quality olive oil in the Peloponnese, Crete, Lesvos Island, Halkidiki, Central Greece and many other areas.

Olive oil tasting

Experience the various stages of oil production with the use of our video show, lecture, and photos.

Ask us how to select, taste an appreciate extra virgin olive oil. Bust all the common myths and start to integrate this nutritional treasure into your daily life!

Discover the secrets of quality olive oil and experience the most important Greek harvest of the year in an authentic industrial area.


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