Mission Athens – Eternal Rivals…

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Discover the cause of the Gods’ rivalry at the beginning of time at the very same spot, the Sacred Hill of Acropolis. Our accredited tour guide will enrich your knowledge and uplift your imagination to the time of Myths in the Land of Gods and reveal the secrets of their initial fight. Athena, Annabeth’s mom won over Poseidon, Percy’s father, winning the key to the city and having the city named after her. Look for King Kekhrop’s tomb on the hill and in the Museum connect with the Caryatides, the eternal guardian Maidens.

Through Athena’s Golden olive leaves, as well as Pandora’s pearls, the famous Greek Koufeta, witness a magical journey through times and tales, discover in the New Acropolis Museum the Olympian Gods, their names and attributes.

Then walk through modern Plaka & Monastiraki area, kingdom of Hermes (Mercury), father of Luke and God of Commerce Communication, and Intellect, taste the colorful experience of Plaka and count the number of sons of Mercury (shops with antiquities) throughout your itinerary and if you get it right, at the last stop get your Greek ticktacktoe, the Greek Triodin (replica of the original one found in Acropolis excavations), believed to be God Hermes’ intellect activating magic spell.

Site: Acropolis Site, the New Acropolis Museum, Plaka
Duration: 4 hours
Tour type / Interest: Family Friendly Private Walking Tour
Availability: Upon request.

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