Honey and spoon sweets

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A heaven for those with a sweet tooth

Honey has been the basic sweetener in ancient Greek dishes; it was added in their cooking and used in sweet preparations. Its nutritional value and medicinal properties were very much appreciated then, as they are today. In Greek weddings it is customary to feed a spoonful of honey to newlyweds for good luck in their new common life.

Honey acquires a special flavour depending on the region it is harvested. Taste thyme honey from the country’s mountainous areas, pine honey from Evvia, Halkidiki, Zakynthos, fir honey from Mt Olympus, Eurytania, Arcadia, Parnitha, flavourful citrus honey from Epirus, the Peloponnese and Crete, chestnut honey from Mt Athos, as well as oak honey and heather honey from various mountainous regions.

Spoon sweets are prepared across the country and they are made with fruits, flowers and vegetables. Tast flavourful orange, shaddock and rose in the Peloponnese, firiki apple variety and walnut on Mt Pelion, citrus and bitter orange in Epirus, small tomatoes on Santorini and Kos Islands, pistachio on Aigina Island, green olives, raisin and grape on Crete, kumquat on Corfu Island and aubergine in Leonidion, Peloponnese. Spoon sweets are served with a glass of cold water and as they have no fat, they are a healthier alternative to pastry and many other sweet confections. So, go on and thrill your taste buds… with less remorse.

Honey tasting

Trying the Honey tasting experience, you get treated like a God through the principle of Divine hospitality of Zeus to taste the gifts of Gaia in the land of Goddess Athena.
Combine the learning of the whole process of producing honey from scratch and be the guest of a beehive community as an apiarist apprentice and recognize the features that define the different qualities of honey. Indulge yourself the products of the bee farm and uplift your soft palette with refined taste.


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