Full Day Santorini Tour and unique experiences

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Let’s abolish time and set off on a journey like the ones only the mind thinks up. A journey through time which, thanks to scholars we are allowed to go back and forth through the centuries…

Compose  your journey with the following:

🟡 An unforgettable stop with the breathtaking views of Fira and Firostefani from the iconic Blue Dome. Here we will do some shopping and visit all the wonderful, picturesque stores.

🟡 Pyrgos, the oldest village on the island built on a hill with panoramic views of Santorini, comes next! Postcard-inspiring neighborhoods, with whitewashed houses and colorful flowers carry you away in past decades, while you enjoy views of the entire island. Enjoy a walk and lunch.

🟡  Emporio is situated at the foot of Santorini’s Mountain, Mt. Prophitis Elias, roughly in the lower center of the island. It has some of the most enticing architectural designs you can find as a testament to Santorini’s medieval castle history.

🟡 Next, visit Megalochori, where you will experience a wonderful Mythical Music Presentation & Historical Tour, and after a workshop, where participants spend an hour in the workshop of the master artisan building their own ancient Greek pan pipe from local cane and learning of the instrument’s historical significance.

🟡 Do a Wine Tour. Wine Tours are among the most popular activities in Santorini. The island is renowned for its excellent white wines, known as some of the best in Greece.  You can visit many vineyards (known for being the oldest in the world!) on the island, and taste the best wines.

Sites: Fira, Pyrgos, Emporio, Megalochori


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