The Healing Power of Travel

Psychology Today reported on a study showing a “vacation effect” on the brain.[1] Participants in the study that engaged in vacation and meditation showed vast changes in regulating stress in the body and immune strength. In terms of psychological effects, people showed less signs of stress and more vitality during and after the vacation.

  • Brightens your attitude towards your job: Removing yourself from the routine will keep your mind fresh and give you a more positive outlook towards your job.
  • It’s good for your brain: Our brains are designed to withstand a good amount of stress, but also need the rest time to reset and regroup.
  • Increases productivity. By nourishing your energies and spending time on yourself, you will increase mental and physical health.

Greece is the unique destination for unique experiences.

What do you need? A relaxing touch with nature or an adventure one? A sunny island hopping tour or a mountainous one?


A classic possibility of urban touring or unseen sides of a city?

Blue, green, sea, mountain, lake?

Greece offers you the experience you need and desire.

Just ask us! Kedros Travel | Seize the Day with us!

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