The eternal Delphic Landscape

The most famous oracle of ancient times was located at the foothills of Parnassos mountain, between two huge rocks known as the Phaedriades. The complex extends over an impressive, still untouched, natural landscape that is charged with special energy, leaving the visitor in awe.

The impressive monuments are harmoniously combined with the imposing natural environment on three terraced levels formed on the slope, following the steep gradient of the rock. To the east, the sacred temple of Athina Pronaia includes only small-scale buildings, as it spreads across a plateau of limited size that did not allow for larger structures.

In the ravine between the Phaedriades is the Castalian Spring, which had a direct connection with the oracle: the protection zone extends over 520km and ends in Itea town, while the wider area includes seven ‘Natura’ areas.

One of the best-known Delphic commands and a wise message for our times. We should do nothing in excess. The Delphic landscape constitutes a lesson in measure and balance.



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