The modern visitor is charmed by the dramatic setting of the city : the sheer mass of Palamidi, the rocky promontory of the Acronauplia, the picturesque and mysterious Bourzi island fort.

According to mythology, the town was founded by Nauplios, son of Poseidon and Amymone. His special skill in nautical matters spurred the development of the town, and it quickly became a naval power. According to myth, it took part in the Argonaut campaign. Whether or not this is true, the archaeological finds testify that Naulpia (as Nauplion was originally called) was inhabited in the prehistoric period; chamber tombs from the Mycenaean era have been uncovered on the north-east side of Palamidi.

The modern visitor can saunter through the narrow picturesque alleys with their old houses whose latticed balconies are nearly always adorned with flowers.
Palamidi fort which towers impressively over the town was erected by the Venetians in the seventeenth century. It is now easily accessible by road from its eastern side, while the romantic can always ascend the steep stairs, partly covered over by galleries linked together by a curtain wall, decorated in many places with the emblem of Venice, the Lion of St Mark.



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