Central Electric Station (CES). Aigina

 Hole on Apple iOS 9.1 by Konstantinos Kirimis, Researcher

When I first saw the dark entrance of the under ground central electric station at the north fortress of Aigina , I couldn’t imagine what was hiding right behind. I didn’t have much time and even being in a hurry, I managed to get to the central chamber. I was impressed from the enormity of the project but also I was pretty sure that I had observed just the “tip of the iceberg”.

Being nearly obsessed with the image of the exploded ceiling (in the big chamber) I managed to get the needed reassurances for a second visit. This time with way more time, I investigated the place from every possible aspect. It was true, this place had blown up my mind. Who could have thought of making such an amazing structure? Who could have built it? What could be hiding in its four layers?

Now it was officially time for an archive research. Finding the original architecture plans of the CES, a lot of answers were given to my questions, but I had even more questions after this research. So I decided to visit it again.

Hole on Apple iOS 9.1 

Hole on Apple iOS 9.1 

My third visit was the one that made me get a different feeling about the place and I managed to get the best out of it. We still hadn’t been able to find the end of the airway shafts of the CES. When we finally discovered where they were, we wanted to see where they ended. Then we found out, that following the biggest of them, we ended up to a 5th level that was not approachable from the inside. The only problem was that in order to get in, we needed special equipment that we didn’t have at that moment. But the worst wasn’t that. In between the top and the hidden level, there was a really dark drain 25 meters deep. Not so easy to accomplish … so much more if you have acrophobia. But I couldn’t say no, so a 4rth visit was scheduled.
Till the day of the 4rth visit, the picture of the drain couldn’t get out of my mind. Troubling my mind every night, the same question… What could I do to overcome my fear?

A few weeks later I was back at the same place. I need to confess that for a second I wished I would have never found this place. But I really had to see what was hiding in there, so I put on the equipment and I decided to get in. For an experienced speleologist it would have been a walk to the park. For a logic person it would be madness. For me? One of the most intense experiences of my life.

Hole on Apple iOS 9.1 

Hole on Apple iOS 9.1 

When I returned to the shaft and finally dared the descent, after a while, I got back to the surface with a sigh of relief. I thought that my journey with the CES had come to an end. But of course it hadn’t. The ends of the airways were 7 and I could only count 6 from the inside.

As I could see, there was still so much to find out in this structure. So I got back to my research and so many more questions came to my mind, when I got in contact with whith new resources.

I’ve come to start believing that a rare bond connects me with this underground building. I feel like I have the responsibility to bring to light all the hidden places of his building and in return this majestic place will make me a better and more experienced explorer.

Maybe all this is just my mind playing games to me. But is am as sure as I can be that I can’t wait to get back inside in this enormous building and explore it all over again…

Hole on Apple iOS 9.1

Video – Central Electric Station (CES) / Aigina

Hole on Apple iOS 9.1 

Video- Βunker Productions GR

Photos- Κωνσταντίνος Κυρίμης



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