Amfiario. A sacred monument in between Kalamos and Oropos

A walk at the Amfiario

It was so beautiful yesterday at the Amfiario… it was a beautiful sacred monument in between Kalamos and Oropos. The mythology that needs the hero an oracle and a doctor , who probably has been taught medicine and botany from Melapoda’s grandfather, could find the place in the best autumn time.

A small team, some light raining and bleakness… after the rain the smell of the trees and thir leaves was so much more intense. It was all over the show and the river bed of the sacred riverof Haradra, whoever would split in two the memorial. We walked on the drily leaves of this river bed, found the sacred source and we got its feeling – the water doesn’t flow in this epoque, this why I didn’t say heard.

We passed to the front shore, the one that people inhabited , with all the ruins of the Agora, the hotels and Klepsidra , the hydraulic clock. Then again to the other shore , the one of Gods. The wind was blowing and a light breeze came by… and here it was like everything was still there.

The archaeological exploring and the beauty of the nature in Autumm

We went to the theater , with the stage which was so beautiful decorated with some of the greatest pieces of antiquity. It still had the smell of the forest due to the weather. In the entrance though the guides could only speak English and German … also when someone went to buy something the very polite guard didn’t actually have a change! I was a bit embarrassed for the foreigners… .


All the way back we could see all over beautiful flowers like cyclamens and bushes with red leaves. Autumn in its old-fashioned way … who said that the mid seasons are not hear any more?

And our walk came to an end with an exquisite meal at a beautiful restaurant of the city of Kapandriti- an old inkstone house with a garden and a well. We of course couldn’t avoid to talk about why this place could be an estate destination , a very eclectic tour only for travelers and not tourists , like a sudden disaster that made all the guards to leave and abandon everything right were they were left. Although we were so full of joy … may I even say happiness.

What does the poet has to say?

That in the end true charm beats the evil. Harm with the old-fashioned meaning : in Greek the actual word ‘oraios’ that means that something is in it’s best time and time in the ancient language means seasons . and in this time it truly was autumn the natures in the right time … it didn’t smell like summer or winter but only autumn.

But I’ve said a lot and I have to get ready for my tour to ancient Korinthos, Mystra and of course Acropolis the new museum… it is a really full week .. that I hope that with the help of god will go as the past ones. The most beautiful job as a mother of a friend always says …


The original (in Greek) is an article by Chrissa Kontogeorgopoulou, Archaelogist – Tour guide. The translation of the article was created by Kedros Team.

@ The tour is organised by #KedrosTravel



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