Kifissos, a sleeping giant

This documentaty shows the history of the river from ancient times to the present and stresses its interconnection to the ever changing Attica natural and urdan setting. This documentary also highlights the various human intereferences to its banks and natural flow which have distorted the river’s character and have had an impact on surrounding neigborhoods.

What was the relationship of people with the river during antiquity?

What was the connection between monuments and natural setting in antiquity?

What is the relationship of the people living in Athens with the river nowdays?

Questions to be answered by Dionysia Kopana’s documentary about the river entitled “Kifissos, a sleeping giant”. *

Functionally paradoxical in antiquity and paradoxical practices of today, they compose the history of this river in the course of time.


Screenplay – Direction – Production: Dionysia Kopana

Text: Panos Stathogiannis

Duration 36΄



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