The Kerameikos area, so close to the center it’s actually part of it, was the face of the city that nobody wanted to talk about for a long time. The red lights on the old houses and the immigrants made the rents go down. Filled with tiny houses and gardens, a few decades ago and then, like the rest of the city, with blocks of flats, this neighborhood was never very smart! Back in the 90s the Arabs but mostly Chinese people with their vast clothing shops and their import companies took over the shops and that’s why lots of people call it China Town.

The Gazi area is right next to Kerameiko. It took it’s name from the gas factory that used to be here, decades ago. With low rise buildings and a few block of flats, no one used to come here before the 90s, because there was nothing to do. The legendary avant garde taverna MAMAKA’S (mommy’s) opened in the beginning of the last decade it was so unique and inspiring, both it’s food and it’s all white, Greek Chic interiors that it set that trend both in the neighborhood and all over Greece. New Restaurants and gay bars were opening up for years and Gazi ended up being the place to come eat, drink and dance, gay or straight no matter what. Super crowded during weekends but fun if you like bar hopping and loud music.

Credits. The Athens Food Guide by Ahenian Flaneur Chef Vassilis Kalidis, Patakis, 2018



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