Experience Life. Experience Greece.

Experience Greece with Kedros (Cedrus*) Travel

* Cedrus (common name Cedar) is a genus of coniferous trees in the plant family Pinaceae. They are native to the mountains of the western Himalayas and the Mediterranean region, occurring at altitudes of 1,500–3,200 m in the Himalayas and 1,000–2,200 m in the Mediterranean.] and tamarisk. Trees tend to be taller to the areas where water is more abundant.

Our Vision
People have the innate tendency to wish and gain new experiences through their acquaintance of new cultures and places.
That human trend, combining the need for recreation and relaxation, created the phenomenon of tourism.
Within this logic, KEDROS SA carries out the creation of tourist packages that highlight the colors, aromas and cultural appeal of the chosen destinations.
Suggested routes with color, aroma and historical memory invite you to discover them with us.
Experience Life, Experience Greece!
✔️ A Look at Greece with a different glance.
✔️ An opportunity to explore alternative paths and reveal the myth of the past.
✔️ A way to enrich your day by following a different perspective of travelling.
What Is Our Duty?
To bring together all our adventures, to give meaning to our voyage, to battle undauntedly with men, with gods, with animals, and then slowly, patiently, to erect in our brains, marrow of our marrow, our Ithaca. Out of an ocean of nothingness, with fearful struggle, the work of man rises slowly like a small island.
Spiritual Exercises, Nikos Kazantzakis
Experience Greece
As travelers of ideas and dreams we decided to share with you our point of view of the world that lays around us.
At Kedros we go after and reveal the soul of our destination that most of the times is not on view but hidden awaiting to be exposed.
According to this point of view we are creating experiences even at the center of Athens or very close to the city.
This is the reason why we travel with the hidden point of our destinations that we invest with knowledge that creates a dreamscape travel.
This is the reason why we believe that this experience comprises an activity that includes both knowledge and adventure, fantasy and realism.
What we offer?
• One day adventures in or abroad Athens at known and unknown destinations
• Vivid walks In the city
• Walking tours that combine caves *and unknown archeological places
• Exercises of relaxation and or peace in the nature *
• Practical hilling use of the mineral salts *
*apart or with an excursion
?‍? Do not miss . . .
Walking tours
ACROPOLIS. The Ancient Walk and the Sacred Rock.
ANCIENT ATHENS. A walk in three hills.
ACROPOLIS MUSEUM. Guests of “goddess Athena”!
NATIONAL GARDENS. In Amalia’s Garden, with perfumes that remind us the old and memorable Athens.
ANCIENT MARKET |Seeking the truth with SOCRATES: “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing”.
SOUNION. The temple of Poseidon, the silver mines and Democracy.
MARATHON. Excursion in one of the most glorious places of Athens! Marathon and its neighborhoods.
SALAMIS. Excursion to the sight of the naval Battle of Salamis.
ANCIENT CORINTH – ACROCORINTH. From the country of Poseidon to Castros – the castle state of Helios.
NEMEA. Excursion and Wine routes in the sacred land of Nemea.
NAVPLION. In the steps of the first Governor of Greece.
ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES| Wheat, Pomegranate and the Solemn Rock.
THEBES. From mythical Thebes to the Kingdom of Minyans.


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