As you get near … going up from the olive grove of Amfissa…. A way better route than the one from Arachova. You can feel this other see of Odysea Eliti. Une mer d’oliviers… a sea of olives … you go up from the hillsides of Parnassos and from beneath you feel as if you want to swim in the olive grove , and at the plain of the Homeric Krissa or chrissa that evolves around your feet . Here it is placed the racetrack that took place the races of the delphi. Here is where the grate Iniohos competed, the masterpiece of the severe rhythm with bronze. The ideal new athlete with the flowered mouth and the eyes of enamel, with the band of the winner on his hairhere he was breathing when representing the tyrant of cicely he got the victory. With this look, and that sclerotic tied up carefully from behind so as not to be blown away at the race and of course the round of victory.

Entering the delphi, some meters before the sacred Kastalia and the sacred monument of Pronaias Athens … lost in the left side of the road , you feel to be leaving the phase of Henry Miller “that in Greece you feel like you are floating on air” here I believe that this phrase fits in best .. “ the end of the sky” on the lest the sanctuaries , on the right the Kastalia, and a little further the sanctuary of Apollo , god of the light and of the idea of light , like is saved in one of the Homeric hymns , that is chanted in Olympia when the lame of the Olympic games is taken as an invocation for it’s successful firing.

When getting in to the sanctuary in the shadow of the dramatic faidriadon. Going up the Iera Odo , at the Romaic Kapitolio with the debris of the ancient Christian royalty. Going on with the dedications of the many cities, Athens, Sparta, Argos… we feel in our blood the competitions of the cities to prove their power, their ability to offer enormous statuary and complexes so as to express their thanksgiving to god for the victories or anything else. Above all though , to mention their political strength … we continue towards the treasures , the buildings , buit to house valuable and not only pieces , as a treat to god. The treasure of the Sikionion with the unique painted ‘zooforos’ , of the habitats of Sifnos with the two ‘Kariatides’ , the treasure of the Athenians. Right after the halo , the square where the poetical races took place , but also an the remake of the kill of Python from Apollo, to dominate that place. The kid that played the God , was hiding at the mountain hill behind that square… a small lader , guided us to the cave…

Going up .. always at the Iera odo and you se on the left up the temple. Many things that today are saved are made back in 3b.C. and then come the mythology to get connected with history. The first three temples are made from honeycomb, laurel leaves and bee flies. The first this used for the dynamic of the mythology of the place : soothsaying, function , take off. But also triumph. The place, is full of light . is by its own a total landscape of reveal, with a different meaning from the one of Patmos , here there is something dramatic I could say , but more as a promise. Also, a promising landsape. Here also , but in a different way of the promising landscape of Elefsina. Because there at this enormous meadow that you feel the seaway from the tops of the cob, is the promise more reachable. You will have the cab so you will get the bread. Just so earthly.
Right here, it is all so heaven. You are waiting for something with faith so strong so you can make it happen. Something will come from above just from the sky. Directly right from inside the light. But from a light that you will have to fell it so deeply and have so much faith on it .

Yes here everything happens just if you believe it. Especially the last one … you have the icon ready. At first Parnassos is right there, in front of you is ready to get in the Korinthiakos. It shows greatly at the Kira bay from beneath at the deepst place of the olive grove. The green sea at the blue one. Already the mountain is going towards the sea.
But still … that same light … of that god that represents even Apollo or Christ it has like everything a different aspect: a little bit less noble but without being hideous just a little less clean but without blotches. Maybe a little more human, a bit closer to us, at the frame of the meter that soaks nearly everything at the art of antiquity. You feel a little less energy of Dionissos. When the god is away in the countries of the Hypervorion, then the alfa becomes Dionisos.
Popular, beauteous,and here, way more refind. The vehemently Maenads that followed him to the Cithaeron, here get something from the Muses of Parnassos and Apollo.Like that the God gets his guitar and rests at the west pediment of the ancient temple. This marvelous piece, the visitors admire at the museum of Delphi.

Are you searching for the oracle? Where is it? But of course, at the most hidden place of the oracle. At the west the gap of the earth from where came out the fumes that Pythia breathed so as to give the oracle. Right after of course, she was bathed at the Castalia. But first they had to bathe a goat with hot water. If the goat trembled, then the oracle could begiven. Until today, they never got to that place without any signs. It was a beautiful sacred place that till today you cans till feel that magic of the mythology when you get there … in the end it can’t be by chance even the name Delphis that comes from the word womb in Greek “mitra”. What could be more characteristic from a goddess of fertility of birth and renaissance. And all of that of course at the center of the earth, according to mythology.

Going up to the theater, part of the sanctuary , and of course , you can feel the heartbeat of Eva Palmer , when with the big poet-husband relieve the Delphic fests. Even if you haven’t experienced this era of the ’50, you can sure smell in the air of the majestic Prometheus Desmotes and of course , the big idea that he put in his mind I that blessing revival. A little higher the stadium with a majestic view just like from the sanctuary.

The museum except from the Ennioho the view of the gabled of the temple is breath taking. The musical piece from the treasure of the Athenians the enormous sphinx of the Naxion being settled back at its era behind the loggia od the Athenians and right beside the rock of Sivila. Of course the beautiful dancers of the Athenians. They held some days the Korinthian chapiter . And here of course just like the Acropolis, we have mentioned so many times, the nearly absolute viewing of the phrase of the French archeologist Charbeaunneau. The pleatings of the tunic and the marbling of the pillars are in an absolute harmony with the Greek mountains.
When we went out to the free landscape it was nearly noon.In fron of us there was the olive grove. Further there was the bay. I can’t tell if our faith was so strong but I can tell that it was as real the way that the mountain got its self to the sea so real …

No need to say more . the mountain got its self in the sea, where Pythia bathed herself.



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