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Our Mission

We are an innovative, flexible low-profile company that began as, and still continue-to-be, counselors and explorers in the tourism destination field. Travelers nowadays are more demanding, wanting to experience something unique and personalized. They are seeking diverse experiences that are authentic, meaningful, personal, and individualized. Simply seeing the sights is no longer enough.

We love discovering new destinations and sharing special experiences. That is why we have decided to act as DMC but also as a tour “designer” and operator, giving meaning to every detail. In our approach, our interest is to show hidden, or less known significant points and facts that constitute the salt and pepper of a destination.


Our Vision

People of all countries and cultures, have an innate tendency to desire to gain new experiences, through their acquaintance with new cultures and new places.
This is the human vocation, which combining the need for knowledge entertainment and relaxation created the phenomenon of tourism.

In the context of this logic, KEDROS SA supervises the creation of tourist packages that highlight the colors, the aromas and the cultural hue of the destinations chosen either by its collaborators or by the interested “connoisseur” travelers.

Suggested routes with color, aroma and historical memory invite you to discover them with us. Looking at Greece from a different perspective, following the Steps of Pausanias or the Paths of Light we uncover the beauties of Greece, we discover the hidden beauties through excursions full of color, fragrances, light and taste.

Seize the Opportunity

Seize the day with us, then!

  • Animated Figure
  • About

Our Origins and values…

Our founder, Mr George Lemonakis, was born under the shadow of Mount Kedros, a mountain on the island of Crete in Greece, conical-shaped and made of limestone. Facing this vast image of strength and stability in his early years, he grew connected to those properties that later included in the core values of the company named Kedros as an umbrella covering a rich variety of activities just like the impressive mountain covers the growth of rare flowers such as tulips, anemones, corn marigolds, turban buttercups tassel hyacinths, orchids, creating a colorful patchwork and providing ideal conditions for the nesting of falcons,  golden eagles and Bonelli’s eagles. This is where our need for rare, magnificent and excusive derives from, and this the reason why we grew and developed to fly high, so we meet the customer’s expectation and take it further.

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