Athens has been a city for 5.000 years, but its great glory was during the Classical Period of Ancient Greece from which many buildings and artifacts still survive till today. Explore the centre of Athens and around the centre, find unique historical and artistic treasures and go crazy by snapshooting the moment.

Start the day early with a tour to the Pathenon, and the Sacred Rock to reveal the city’s secrets and its glorious ancient times. Make your way back down to the pedestrianized Dionisiou Aeropagitou street and visit the New Acropolis Museum which is positioned to mirror the Parthenon itself. Keep an eye on your watch so that you are in time to witness the changing of the guard outside the parliament building in Syntagma Square. From here take a short walk to the national gardens one of the most peaceful spots in the city. Continue by exploring the Old Town of Athens and Monastiraki. Don’t forget to visit the flea market and of course the ruins of Ancient Agora where Athenians would once engage bartering goods.

Other alternative escapes in the centre of Athens where the old and modern are integrated into a contemporary form of the city, are the areas where the National Archaeological Museum is located, the Kerameikos site, where the borders of the ancient Athens used to be, the former industrial area, namely Gazzy, and also the Psyri neighborhood.

Are you already familiar with the Centre of Athens? Explore Piraeus with its elegant neoclassical buildings, follow the signs to Mikrolimano harbour, heading out of the town along the Attic Coast to Lavreotiki area with its silver mines and then to the Sounion Site where the magnificent ancient Temple of Poseidon dominates the Cape. Poseidon was the God who governed the seas and the oceans and with one wave of his mighty trident he could stir up the fiercest waves or calm the wildest storm.

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