In times of crisis we need to be attentive, cautious, observant, especially as Health & Safety procedures are set in order to protect and secure our wellbeing and to provide an additional layer of awareness, as to how we operate and react, in response to any COVID-19 related risk or incident.

The provisions outlined below adhere to the standards set by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) / Εθνικός Οργανισμός Δημόσιας Υγείας (ΕΟΔΥ) in Greece and other competent Authorities (for instance the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism). However, certain locations and sites of interest may implement variable Health & Safety requirements, such as, Archaeological Sites, Museums & Monuments, Auditoriums & Conference Rooms, Hotel & Residence Properties, Athletic & Sports Facilities (including public access Beaches, designated Diving sites and Marinas), Transportation Hubs & Transport System Facilities (including Airports-Ports-Bus & Metro Stations, Taxi Services), Food & Beverage Facilities (Coffee Shops, Restaurants, etc.).

Therefore, we constantly have these Guidelines & Recommendations under review in order to provide up to date information and to assist our Guests in behaving responsively and in the appropriate fashion.

Planning Safe Visits

Guests will receive regular updates of COVID-19 risk assessment (with daily availability) in advance of visits at tour sites and attractions that are part of their itinerary. A team of Healthcare professionals will constantly assist us, with relevant advice and any significant development or incident will be evaluated within our team, in order to provide the optimum tour experience whilst mitigating risks.

Physical Distancing

Guests are advised that minimum physical distancing is set by standing at least 1,50 m. away from other individuals or other group of people who are not traveling with them. The use of hand sanitizer dispensers and of carry-on antiseptic cleansing hand gel is advised. Visits at Archaeological Sites and

Museums will require the additional precaution of face masks or transparent face shields to be used at all times, whilst in some location’s young children may be exempt.


All Archaeological Sites, Museums & Monuments, may implement entry limits for visitors. For instance, the Acropolis and its Slopes operate with a maximum capacity of 2200 individual visitors on site at any given time. Equally so, group size maximum limits may be imposed per guided tour group.

The course of the visit may be modified, and special restrictions may be imposed due to the circumstances. Visitors must always adhere to the guidelines of the guards at each site. A distance of 1,5m., at a minimum, should be maintained by visitors at all times as a precautionary measure, especially when queuing. Non-medical protective face masks and frequent use of an antiseptic solution are required.

Public Health measures relevant towards the COVID-19 pandemic are frequently updated. As a result -indicatively- certain site visits or rules regarding size of groups or opening/closing times for venues may be subject to review without prior notice. Nonetheless, we will inform the participants as soon as we are advised of any impending changes that may require their attention.

Tour Guide Services

Guided Tours are now provided for groups with a limited number of participants. In case of guided tour groups of 4 visitors or more, the guide should inform the participants of all the precautionary measures in effect, accompany them throughout their visit until they exit the site and observe that they follow all safety measures and precautions. Larger groups may require detailed scheduling in advanced, therefore it is advisable that a group size should not be modified without consultation.

If all participants of a specific group are family related, even extended family, this information should be known in advance as it may facilitate access to a variety of services.

Tour Guides as well as participants are required to have face coverage and to maintain distancing norms of 1,50 from others, during their tour, therefore in certain occasions a tour guide system may be used to facilitate the group and ensure that all tour experiences remain equally enjoyable.


Use of electronic entry tickets (e-ticket) will be increasingly advised, therefore, guests must have access to a smartphone in order to demonstrate their individual e-ticket. As booking systems will gradually permit issuing either personal or group type e-tickets, we will make every effort to provide group eticketing info to the Tour Guide, in order to simplify any entry/exit controls.

Holidays and Closure of Venues

All venue areas and tour sites (monuments, museums, points of interest) maintain their own Holiday schedule. Nonetheless, for most locations and sites, Holidays are observed on the following dates: 01.01- 25.03 – Good Friday – Holy Saturday – Easter Sunday – 01.05 – 25.12 – 26.12. More specifically, Easter dates are applied with Greek Orthodox schedule. Please refer for assistance at Concierge Desk.

And our Wish to all of you:

“Health for all – all for health“

World Health Organization Strategy as defined by Halfdan Theodor Mahler,

Director General WHO (1973-1983)

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