Athenian Mythology tour. Transcending from myth to history

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Myths are not just an inspiration for artists and poets but also it is a source of self-identification for the ancient Athenians. The history and geography of the city go back to mythical events, and its name is due to the result of the mythical conflict between Athena and Neptune.

Our walk through the myths of Ancient Athens will take the form of a tale of the sites of Athens inspired or marked by myths – some more or less well known.

We will explore the greatest landmarks and sites in Athens with a half day guided tour of the world-famous Acropolis to the majestic Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Agora and the temple of Hephaestus.

Site Stops: Archaeological Site of Acropolis, Archaeological Site of Olympieion, Ancient Agora
Duration: 5 hours
Tour type / Interest: Private Walking Tour
Availability: Upon request

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