A grove to heal body and spirit

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The combination of an area of greenery in a valley that runs along the foothills of mount Kynortio in Argolis with a spring that gushes plentiful water creates a spot of idyllic beauty that heals body and spirit. The Sanctuary of Asclepios at Epidaurus, with its direct connection to nature, was the perfect environment to foster the worship of the protector of medicine, the god Asclepios. The location, the climate, the vegetation and the water all work together as factors in healing. The therapy included plenty of water, good food and sleep when combined with role of theater and process of catharsis, it is reminiscent of holistic medicine: the view, the scents, the tastes, are all conducive to a transcendental experience.

We all know the theatre of Epidaurus; its perfect adaption to the landscape and its outstanding acoustics, which are thanks to the combination of the perfectly symmetrical design of the construction and the choice of a location with a suitable incline to strengthen the reflection of sound.

But beyond admiring its aesthetics, let us consider the religious, cathartic and therapeutic role that it served.

The water provided spiritual cleansing and bodily healing, which is why its provision was ensured by a complicated system of plumbing. Today, significant restoration interventions have been made in an attempt to protect the monument from water erosion.

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